Poetry, Not For Me

I’m sitting in an English class. About Sonnets. I cannot express enough how much I am not a poet. Poetry is cool, and serves its purpose, but I would much rather appreciate it naturally, and […]

It’s Piled On Again

It’s piled on again. It’s mostly my fault. I let myself get distracted by Adobe Photoshop and photography. Mainly I’m trying to be great at too many things. Jack off all trades, master of none. […]

VENT 9-16-2017

Over a year. That’s how long it’s been since my last blog post. I never intended to stop. A lot of things happen that we don’t intend on happening. A lot can change in a […]

No More Excuses

Remember that one time you were writing that awesome manuscript. You know, the next Great American Novel. You were gonna revolutionize the Sci-Fi genre. You were going to post 3 blogs a week. You were […]