About Gary

An aspiring novelist and screenwriter. His interests in anything space related, his experience in the U.S. Navy, and desire to conquer the world one book at a time along with a passion for writing make his style unique and fresh.

He is currently a student at the University of Alabama, and earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering. But no matter what job he has or what degree he earns he is-above all else-a writer.

Current fiction works in progress:

Untitled Space OperaA group of strangers get thrust into an increasingly complex story. Each one with their own problems, motivations, and perspective. A story about power, greed, addiction, and pain. Can these six strangers stop a series of strange events that will destroy everything they’ve ever known? Only one way to find out.

Chronicles of Gray-A prequel of sorts to the above story telling the rise to power tale of Marshal Gray, a black market baron and leader of a secret society. Follow along with Marshal as he grows from poor and homeless earthling into becoming a notorious leader of black market connections and colony politics.

Connor-Thrown through time like a rag doll, Connor wakes up and soon discovers he has a gift: a mysterious weapon that manifests itself at a dire time. Can Connor learn to control the gift he’s been given and find his way back to his own time? Wait to find out.

Untitled Investigative Journalist documentary-Think World War Z (the book) meets Stargate meets the Hunt the Truth podcast. Shit’s about to get real as this direct line prequel to the above mentioned space opera spirals out of control, putting one man between powerful secret agencies and his own moral convictions.

All of the stories above are connected on the same time line, and each one is being told in a drastically different way with a story all its own. I think you’ll get sucked in.


My Bar, My Barstool– The accounts of an old man as he sits at the bar every night, making observations about society, people, and the generations long past. Full of Satire and your father’s whiskey, it’ll be a literary tale untold before in a style completely original.

Gary can be found on twitter at @_GaryLane