Where have I been? Slacking. I know. It happens to us all, unfortunately. No excuses. Just trying to get my head back in the game. It’s time to shake the cobwebs out, get this train back on the tracks, dive through all the hoops, and score the winning touchdown in the 4th inning.

Nothing gets my creative juices dripping down my inner thigh and makes them melt through the floor in a sizzling splat better than writing. (See what I mean. That line was full of amazing graphic detail, and I wasted it!)

But what’s the best place for me to write? It changes. I have many tools that can help me slay those twin dragons called Writus Blockus and Creativus Notus. You’ll have to excuse me. I’m taking Art History and I’m sort of on a Roman kick lately. Did you know that they used to paint all those awesome white marble statues? And that most of them are marble copies of bronze originals? WTF? Either way, that’s neither here nor there.

So today, my loyal subjects and badass writerlings, I bestow you with the gifts of creativity.  Say words differently. Explore the most graphic of details in the most controversial ways. Make your mom tell you, like my mom still tells me, “You know you don’t have to curse so much to have people to read your books.” Humbug.

I don’t curse. My characters do. Okay, that’s I lie. I curse too. I was a sailor you know. So in my own desperate need to grease the gears and get the proverbial ink flowing, I did a little bit of typing today on the ‘ole Bessie. She’s a loyal bird. Also found an older page, and posted it below too.

Enjoy! As always, comments welcome.