Story Rant aka “I just typed a lot”

Let’s sit and talk. Yeah, right there is fine. Just sit for a minute. Let me tell you a little something. I love stories. I do.  They have a way of pulling you in and making you forget the dumb, or in some cases, more important parts of life. Stories, as fiction or truth, can be a tool to reach people. I’m a proud man. I can be hard to reach on an emotional level some times. Numb to the core when it comes to certain things. But there are some things that seem to have the skeleton key through every gate in every wall I throw up.

We all have those walls. We all have those things that couldn’t get through them with a Mac truck flying at mach 3. But the opposite is also true. We all have those things in our lives—those little ninja fuckers—that climb and jump and throw on Ant-Man suits and *poof*, they’re through gate number 1, which for most of us was the only real obstacle.

I’m not a sentimental person. I tend to not get sad over other people’s problems. 9 out of 10 of them could have been fixed with a simple “Hey idiot, that’s a stupid decision” anyway. You have my permission to slap those people. Don’t come to me with your money issues when you’re working fewer hours than I ever have.

I have somewhere I’m going with this, so hang in there. These people usually come to you with some sap story. You know the kind. “I can’t afford to pay rent, but I’m making $200/mo payments a car that’s drinking more gas than a whale drinks water.” Okay. So maybe there are different variations of those stories, but they all come from the same people. I don’t like those kinds of stories.

Then there are the stories the news breaks to you. You know. The “Here general public. Look at this thing that really has no affect on your life what so ever, while congress secretly passes this other thing that’s going to affect everything.” But It’s not just their fault. It’s the fault of every girl that’s ever watched a Kardashian and idolized a Hilton. It’s the fault of every person that thinks Kanye is a good role model for anyone. I don’t like those stories either.

Let me tell you about the stories I do like.

I like the tales of soldiers overseas who bring home the truth of things they saw in its purest form, not tainted or diluted by the media or Holly Wood for the sake of a buck.

I like the stories of investigative journalists who put their careers on the line to expose that government cover up or corrupt corporation because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. Those stories are awesome.

Those are the kinds of stories real people appreciate.

I like fiction too. I love getting pulled into a world someone else created, becoming a temporary citizen in the matrix, trying to peel back the curtain one layer at a time.

A good story will always have that skeleton key. It always knows what chapters get through the gates, and what order to put those chapters.

A great story won’t even need the key. It’ll tunnel under those walls and trap you in the labyrinth of your own creation.

Those are the kinds of stories I want to write.

This isn’t really going anywhere. I just sat down to write. My manuscripts are a lot more organized and ordered and have purpose.

This? This has a purpose too. It’s helping me get my creative juices flowing for the words I’m about to slap into my Work-in-Progress. I might as well share it, right?

So before you leave, just do us both a favor. Don’t fall for the fake stories. Tune them out all together. What I would like you to do is, go find a real story. About something that actually matters in life, something that’s going to affect YOUR life, or the lives of all of us, and that’s the story you need to read or listen to. If you’re a writer, that’s the story you need to tell. Even fiction can affect someone’s life. I know it’s changed mine.