The Rain

It’s been raining for a few days now.

No end in sight.

I watched the puddles for a moment.

Raindrops disappearing

Leaving only ripples in their wake

I watched the river flow.

Fast and full outside my door.

The ground was soaked.

Puddles scattered.

My headphones took me somewhere else.

Gucci by the High Kings

Because “Gucci know better

In my steel shoes and blue jeans”

Makes perfect sense

When I’m in the rain.

I love the feel

cold rain with warm air.

Every drop cold and refreshing

Every drop’s journey complete.

My truck plowed through them all

Without remorse or regret

In my own journey.

For coffee and ink

Headphones changed to Flogging Molly

The song pace stays the same.

The skies remain gray

The water still falls

Coffee hits the lips

And my journey not yet done.