Chap 1 thru 4

So I must be out of my mind. This will be the third new chapter for you guys in a week.

Slow down George Martin.

Shut up.

This time I’m doing a couple things different. Usually when I upload a chapter for you guys, I have to go to my word doc its saved in, copy it, come back to this award winning blog, paste it, and then I have to spend eternity and then some going through and fixing the formatting that just refuses to copy over correctly.

Not this time.

This time I’m putting it in a .pdf that you can all view in all its perfectly formatted glory.

You’ve lost your mind.

Maybe I have. But its for the readers.

Also, this time, not only am I giving you a new chapter–the next in line of the soon to be best selling novel in world history–I’m giving you guys all the previous chapters in the same spot.

What? We’re doing that?

Yes. Yes we are. No more clicking through fourteen different pages to find every other previous chapter.

So if you’ve been following along, we’ve met a few characters. Each one drastically different than the rest. This time, we meet Jonathan. A lot of my military brothers and sisters can relate to him. He’s nearing his time out, and he’s just cruising. But he’s also got bigger things in mind.

I do however have to ask you, the amazing members of my Tribe, to please spread the word if you like it. Tell your friends. Tell your girlfriend you were reading it and that’s why you forgot to call her back. She’ll read it and understand. Tell your boss that you were reading it, and that’s why you’re late. Make it required reading for your students. Just get the word out.

I love writing this book. I have many ideas for it, and future books in this series and other spinoffs. So without any further wait, please read the currently available chapters for my novel, and comment below on your honest opinions.

Do you really want there honest opinions?

Of course.

Alriiiiiight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Prologue thru Chap four