Writers are a weird bunch. We exaggerate. We create. We morph and bend and strip every bit of the truth we can get from life and then we fabricate our own truth out of thin air. Then we add the good stuff. The story that exists only in our head. A plot. Some conflict. The occasional gruesome death or seductive love triangle. We throw in the good guy with the hulking triceps and perfect teeth that you love to cheer for. The badass chick that you can’t help but wish you knew in real life because she can probably kick your ass and is no doubt great in bed. The edgy anti-hero that’s a bit too unstable but provides the occasional comic relief. Every character a writer creates is different, or at least should be. Mine are. But since I write from #TheBasement, every one of them has parts of me in them.

We write the stories that we absolutely have to tell. They itch their letters and claw their words out of us one page at a time. Every writer has their own style. You can tell it. Sometimes you hate it, other times you fall in love with.  Occasionally you’ll do what every writer hopes you do. You become one of The Tribe. You go back and read all the other books they’ve ever written. You tell your friend’s about them. You loan out books you just finished to a coworker or sister. We would much rather you buy them a copy. This is true. Wait? You agree with me. Uh yeah. It’s called writing for a living. But that’s for another post.

The point is that we write these stories and honestly, they NEVER even come close to what we actually picture in our head. But we write them anyway. It usually goes one of two ways: We either, have our own favorite authors and want to be just like them, OR we don’t like anything we read and write the kinds of stories we wish we could find. If you love what we write, then we love you too. Yes. Even you. Sitting there with your angry looking cat on your desk and your cup of coffee in your hand. And you too, guy that’s too scared to admit to his friends that he likes to read.

Writer’s love having you around. You keep us warm at night. It’s a little known fact that a writer gets the tingles down in their nether regions when you read their work. I swear it. And we love that tingling.

I heard an author tell a story about being on an airplane. He looked over across the aisle and saw a woman reading his book. It was the first time he had seen his book “in the wild”. I try to imagine what my first time will be like. Don’t worry, I’ll tell her to let you down easily. Very funny.  Anyways, I just imagine it being a very surreal moment. I don’t know if I’d be like “Hello, I just wanted to know if you liked that book, because I uhhh… I wrote it.” Or if I’d just sit there in creeper like fashion trying to decipher from their interest and body language.

I’m a long way away from that, but I am slowly gathering a following for my writing. That is insane to me. I hope it always stays insane to me. And for those of you that read this and consider yourself part of that following… part of my “tribe”, I thank you. As a writer, and while I can’t say I speak for others (but I certainly hope I do), having a loyal following of people that wait patiently for your next blog post, or rush to the stores and buy our books is something we hope to achieve. We want to be your source of knowledge or your escape from reality. We want you to identify with our manifestations and live in our creations. Without a reader, the writer loses purpose. And without a tribe, no shaman can share his story.