They’re not all bad people.

So the other day I receive notice that I’m mentioned in a tweet

As you can see, it says I “contributed” content for some unknown (to me) publication or review board. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Every now and then I get notified of someone or some organization posting something with the phrase “stories via @glbusenlehner” written on them. This tends to bother me because I haven’t written any stories for any publications or sites yet  (other than this blog). 

I was telling my brother in law about this. He made his point about how I shouldn’t care, it’s publicity. Then I followed up with my point about how it’s either:

  1. A lie, or
  2. Some one out there is putting out work under my name, which is something I’ve always feared the idea of. 

Why fear it? Because my experience in the Navy, and my time working off shore on the rigs has taught me that your name is attached to the quality of your work, and you should always do your best. 

Awww…. Who are you? Mother Theresa? 


You sound like Mother Theresa. Or maybe you’re… 

Don’t say it. 

John Cena. 

I hate you. 

I can’t control the quality of writing I didn’t write. Also, what if I didn’t contribute and it’s just a lie? My dozens <yelling like Mick Foley> (and dozens) of fans would be so disappointed. 

So as I lay here in bed unable to sleep, something happening a lot lot lately, I decided to do some digging. I went to that tweet, looked on the site, and low and behold under the “Leisure” section about six posts down I see this:


It’s a link to my post, #TheBasement. Nothing I didn’t write, so I can’t be mad. No bad reviews on the site. Definitely can’t be upset about that. It’s just another outlet for people to find my work. Something I actually enjoy. 

Brother in law: 1

Me: 0

I guess the moral of the story is don’t jump to conclusions and do your homework. I had gotten all worked up and never thought to actually see what they were claiming I wrote. 

You really should have checked.  

I know. 

If you know, then why didn’t you check? 

Shut up. 

So learn from me. Some people, including strangers and sites you have never heard of, just want to see you succeed.  There may be hope for humanity, yet.  

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