Branding Sucks


               So I’m not stupid. That’s debatable. Shut up.  As I was saying, I’m not stupid. This blog is still in its infancy. It’s not even the first time I’ve started one, but it is the first time I’ve actually stuck with it. It’s also the most success I think I’ve ever had writing wise. As I’ve said in a previous post, I have huge plans for this blog. But big plans involve big planning. And I hate planning. Love dreaming. Hate planning.

I think in order for me to achieve these dreams and goals I have for this blog, and all my writing, I have to keep an eye on the long term. You can’t win the Cannonball Run if all you do is build your car up for a drag race.

Writing for me comes easy. I occasionally write posts for my buddy’s Custom Car Shop’s Facebook page to help grab peoples’ attention, but I haven’t done this in a while. I used to write poems back in the day. They sucked. Yes. Yes they did. But it was a start. I have a screenplay that is about 90% done on a first draft. Then I started my novel, which has since grown into a huge sci-fi universe of overlapping story arcs and novels in my head. I’ve talked about those in other posts too. And now I have this super awesome blog whch is my way of transferring my super awesome words into your brain by way of your eyeballs.

My aunt asked me what “Write Your Wrongs” means. It can mean a lot of things, but to me it means that I am going to write about anything and everything. I’m not politically correct. I’m have no filter. I’ve even been dubbed the habitual line crosser. All of these things can be to my detriment in the long term, which could affect my brand, and thus my novel. I hate that my opinion about something like the presidential political debate in 2016 can affect the sales of a book I write in 2023. This is why branding is important. It’s one of those double edged swords to me. On one side you have “Be edgy. Be the instant hit. Grab those 3k likes.” Then there’s the other side that is “Play it safe. Be the long runner people read decades from now. Earn a million followers.”

Things like this cross my mind. There are tools to help me too. WordPress, my chosen host for my blog has tons of features that I never would have thought about. I can see the number of visitors and the number of views my blog has. There’s a difference? Apparently.  I can see the countries they’re in, if they found my site through Facebook, Twitter, or just surfing I can tell you that currently 37% of my views happen on Monday, and 14% of my views happen at 1:00am. So much information is out there that I’m sure is useful in some way, but I think I need to avoid becoming a victim of these stats. I hate it when people are too focused on how many likes a post has or how many followers they have. I don’t care. Quality will always triumph over quantity. Over the long run, the cream always rises to the top.

So to earn those quality readers—the ones that want to read every post I write and every book I publish—I have come up with my own strategy and things to focus on.

  • Writing: I need to focus on my novel first and foremost. Giving you, the reader, the occasional update or sample chapter will also contribute to this blog.
  • Content Variety: To attract a wide range of readers, I need to write about wider range of topics. Someone who comes to my blog for my ramblings on beer will probably not care about my novel, or political rants. The hope is that someone who enjoys one of my writing formats will branch out and give the others a shot too.
  • Content Frequency: This is going to be rough at first. I know what you want. You don’t want it to be so often you’re like “Gary, quit spamming my page with this random shit”, but you want it often enough that you don’t forget about it. I’ll find the balance eventually. Hang in there.
  • Content Quality: What’s the point of me talking about a beer if I don’t go into who makes it, what kind of beer it is, and my opinion of it? The same thing is true with all my Ramblings.
  • Style: If you can’t tell by now, I have my own style of writing. Every writer that writes regularly does. I’m a huge fan of Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. His fiction has its own style. His blog and writing advice books have their own style. But while I am a huge fan of his, my style will be my own. People who read the same writers’ works regularly can tell you, “this is definitely something Gary wrote”, or “something Chuck wrote”. An Anne Rice book does not have the same style as J. K. Rowling or Karen Traviss. So hopefully you grow to know and love my style and recognize it as mine and mine alone.
  • Opinion: The vast majority of my work is my opinion. Take it as just that. Something I love, you might think is okay at best. We are all products of our environment. My hope is that you’ll see why I believe what I do and respect that opinion. I’m not out to make you a dark beer drinking, non-religious, fru-fru coffee drinking, beard growing, badass writing machine like me. If that happens, great. If not, that’s great too.

That’s my strategy. This is my blog. And here is me. What does that even mean? Dude… Shut up. I’m trying to write here. Shut up. I’m trying to write here. Damn I hate you. I am you. Fucking hell.


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