Epiphany (arguing with myself)

So while I was working, or not working because I was thinking about writing…so while I was supposed to be working like a dutiful God-fearing sheep, I had a break through with my novel. Yes. It is possible to have those still. Spoiler alert? You haven’t printed anything yet you idiot… What is there to spoil?

My original idea to kill off a character has been killed off. See what I did there? I’m sorry for my horrible sense of humor. 

No I’m not. 

Yes you are. 


Dude, they’re totally reading you talk to yourself. 

What? Oh. 

Anyway, as I was saying…

too yourself. 

Shut up!!!! 

As I was saying. I have decided not to kill off a character. After much smoke generation between my ears, the rusty gears started to rumble and squeak. Everything I was going to accomplish with the death of this character I’ve decided can be accomplished in another manner, while also allowing me to have more fun with this character. If y’all think me talking to myself is bad, just wait until you read what I have in store. Unfortunately that’s going to be at least one book away. Maybe more. But still. The ideas are burning through brain grease up here and new things just keep popping up. 

I just know you guys are gonna be stoked when these books start printing. I can already hear people knocking down my door and blowing up my internets. Yes. I pluralized it. “Gary… What happened? Did (he/she/they) die? I gotta know. TELL ME!!!!!!” 

Well I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. Not unless you actually do beat down my door. But I can say that I know you’ll love these books. Stay tuned guys. Shits about to get real. Real-er. As real as it gets… when it’s still in first-draft mode. It’s gonna get epic… No…even epicER.

I can’t believe you just said epicER.  Like that’s a word. You’re such an idiot.

I am you. You ARE me!

Don’t remind me.