Just an update…

I have been thinking a lot about my novel and spinoffs lately. So much to the point that I feel the best thing before I proceed any further with the writing is to return to the drafting phase, and draft (I refuse to say outline) out all the hard points in this Shared-Universe: dates of events, locations, major characters, and overlapping story points all need to be cemented out before I proceed. 

In the long run, I feel this will greatly improve the continuity and complexity of the story, while also providing a much clearer picture, both for the people reading it, and most importantly, for me writing it. 

This is where I wish I had loads of cash just sitting in the bank so that I could just not work a “day job” and sit at home working on these novels. I am motivated more than ever to get these done, and my vision for the whole thing grows more and more with each day. I blame and thank the brainstorming gods for the ideas they continue to give me, and  I will continue making progress daily. 

MARK MY WORDS: We’re gonna make this a franchise! Books, movies/tv, podcasts, maybe even video games… all sharing the same fictional universe and having overlapping characters and stories. There’s no telling how big this will become. Just rest assured that I won’t stop until it’s beyond epic. 

Thanks for the continued support guys! (and sexy ladies)!

More (unedited) teasers coming soon! Promise!